<strong>Viking Icelandic: Beyond Supplements, It's a Lifestyle of Pristine Health</strong>

The healthy lifestyle

Viking Icelandic: Beyond Supplements, It's a Lifestyle of Pristine Health

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Why Viking Icelandic?

Discover the Icelandic Secret to Optimal Health: Viking Icelandic

Customer Reviews

  • Belinda DahlheimerBelinda Dahlheimer

    Iā€™m from Iceland have been taking fish oil for years! The tablets are large but easy to swallow. I highly recommend the vitamins.

  • Amelia GAmelia G

    This supplement is great value for the money! No fishy after taste. Would highly recommend!

  • Wendy MoralesWendy Morales

    I was thrilled to see that Amazon has these Omega-3 here! I usually buy them straight from the source and it costs me a fortune. Here I bought two bottles and it didn't make a hole in my pocket. So grateful.

  • <strong>From Iceland</strong>

    From Iceland

    Imported exclusively from the cold, clean, pristine waters of Iceland

  • <strong>FDA standards</strong>

    FDA standards

    Manufactured according to FDA standards

  • <strong>Green Technology</strong>

    Green Technology

    100% green, carbon-neutral technology

  • <strong>Sustainable Seafood</strong>

    Sustainable Seafood

    Produced using only sustainable harvesting methods


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