I’ve done research and we now need 4 times the amount of Omega 3 previously suggested and Icelandic FOURmula provides that in a simple and easy way. I also worry about the toxins that you can get in Omega 3s from store bought products. That really does concern me and it’s a big factor in what product I choose, that’s why I chose Icelandic FOURmula. If I am spending money for a healthy product I want to make sure there is nothing that can harm me or just not have any affect.


I would strongly recommend you try Icelandic FOURmula. If you have the same results as me, you will be living with more mental acuity and a lot less pain. The potency of Icelandic FOURmula is the best. I don’t have to take as much to get a high dosage compared to other brands. Do you really want to take 6 or 8 pills because you get them at a warehouse club? The solution to my problem is more Icelandic FOURmula and a few less visits to the physician.

When I compared Omega 3 labels I saw that Icelandic FOURmula is very conscientious when catching fish and that is important because I don’t want to endanger a species just to save myself. Plus my experience with cheap store brands is they didn’t really take effect. With Icelandic FOURmula since it has 4 times the Omega 3, I felt results the first week. My hips used to feel very sore and tender, almost locked. Now I feel a lot more flexible since taking Icelandic FOURmula.


I’ve tried other Omega-3 formulas and haven’t felt anything. With Icelandic FOURmula I felt the difference in the first week. My concentration has definitely increased. When I am at my computer, I can remember what I need to do whereas before, dealing with menopause, I have been having trouble remembering things.

Icelandic FOURmula is definitely a gift from god. Since I began using Icelandic FOURmula people at my church have noticed how energetic I am. I have also noticed a difference in my focus especially when reading. Icelandic FOURmula is the perfect health secret.


I’m taking Icelandic FOURmula Omega 3 because I want to keep my heart healthy, keep my head clear and my joints active. I’ve been taking Icelandic FOURmula to keep me going… Icelandic FOURmula keeps me going and it keeps me active!



I have seen a huge difference in my energy level since I started using Icelandic FOURmula. I compared the Icelandic FOURmula label to store brands and there is a big difference in the potency. For me Icelandic FOURmula is the fountain youth. It has greatly improved my concentration. I am no longer saying “What was that guy’s name?”.


I started taking Icelandic FOURmula Omega 3 and noticed immediately that the pain in my right knee was gone.