Our Certifications

Viking Icelandic and our suppliers hold numerous certifications regarding the importing and harvesting of sea and agricultural products for human consumption. We take pride in the many certifications we and our suppliers have been awarded. You can rest assured that all of our products and our production facilities are regularly inspected, certified, regulated, and of the absolute best quality.

Certification List

US Food & Drug Administration Registered Facility

Facilities Compliant with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices

US Department of Agriculture Permit 17208049

USDA Organic NFC Certificate #770-10-29-19

Global Organization for EPA & DHA Omega-3’s Member

Marine Stewardship Council Certified

Certified Green Production Technology

Friend of the Sea Sustainable Fishing, Member

Friend of the Earth Sustainable Agriculture, Member

Certified to meet California Proposition 65 Standards

Certified Non-Genetically-Modified Organisms

Certified Sustainable Harvesting Methods by Iceland Responsible Fisheries

Rendering and Refining Facilities Registered International Standards Organization 9001

Registered Participant in the US Department of Commerce NOAA Seafood Inspection Program

Certified Iceland Premium Imported Products